Have you experienced damage to your roof from a storm or normal wear and tear? We offer emergency roof repair services to our customers including gutters and insurance assistance. 

A new roof is not always what a damaged roof might need. It may just be a repair and we are ready to take on any project big or small. 

Ignoring a damaged roof can lead to even more problems and can be more expensive to fix. Fix your roof before it becomes a real problem.

Our Crew and procedure

1. Removing Shingles

The first thing we will do when we start your project is the removal of all shingles, felt, and any water damaged decking     

2. Application of Felt Underlayment 

The felt is the actual water-proofing of the the roof and is probably the most important part of the roofing system. 

3. Application of Shingles

EDR is known for its attention to detail and high quality craftsmanship. We use our experience to ensure that the highest quality of shingles and products are used to fulfill the project's requirements. 

4. Clean Up and Inspection 

The final part of the roofing process involves the last inspection and clean up. Our team takes the time to make sure that the roof meets our high standard. Once the job is done we at EDR do our due diligence to clean up the site to make it seem like we were never there.